Finance Study Tool: Math Resources


Topics in Mathematics: Bibliographies contains an extensive collection of resources on a plethora of mathematics topics, tutorials, and lecture notes.

Undergraduate Mathematics Bibliography provides a well-organized and comprehensive collection of links catered to learning mathematical concepts at the undergraduate level.



The History of Mathematics

The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive contains a variety of historical topics in mathematics as well as a user-friendly search feature.

The History of Mathematics, David R. Wilkins provides an extensive collection of resources on major mathematicians, notable publications and primary documents and a variety of websites related to the study of the history of mathematics.

British Society for the History of Mathematics promotes research into the history of mathematics and its application to all levels of mathematics education.



Philosophy of Mathematics

Introduction to the Philosophy of Mathematics

MIT Open Course Ware: Ancient Philosophy and Mathematics

Formal Tools and the Philosophy of Mathematics



Abstract Algebra Online Study Guide

Abstract Algebra: A Study Guide for Beginners  

Essays About Algebraic Topography

Calculus on the Web

Lectures on Numerical Analysis

Paul’s Online Math Notes provides an extensive collection of class notes, “cheat sheets,” and tutorials on a variety of math courses, topics and levels.

MIT Open Course Ware: Mathematics provides a listing of all online undergraduate and graduate courses in mathematics. Each course offers video recordings of the lectures, lecture notes, study guides, practice problems, exam preparation, and additional resources.


Tutorials and Dictionaries

Virtual Math Lab: Basic Geometry

WISE Tutorials: Introductory Statistical Topics

Review of Fractions

Review of Decimals, Percents, Ratios and Proportions

Review of Tables, Bar Graphs, and Circle Graphs

Review of Linear and Nonlinear Relationships

Review of Algebra

Probability Tutorial

Pre-calculus Tutorial Pages provides resources on Standard Match Tricks, Trigonometry Basics, Identity Derivations, and Complex Numbers Introduction.

HMC Mathematics Online Tutorials centers upon learning the fundamentals of calculus with complete reviews of the concepts needed to be mastered in pre-calculus.

Khan Academy  contains over 3,200 videos on a variety of mathematical topics, including arithmetic, physics, finance, and history as well practice problems and strategies for mastering skills.



Furman University Electronic Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics provides publication of mathematics research papers written by undergraduate students.

Free Electronic Mathematics Journals is compiled by University of California-Berkeley and contains a complete list with links to top-rated online journals of mathematics.


Research Institutes

American Institute of Mathematics is an organization composed of mathematical sciences organizations around the world designed to demonstrate the applications of mathematics.

Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics at UCLA fosters relationships between a broad spectrum of mathematicians and scientists and promotes new collaborations to better inform mathematicians and scientists about interdisciplinary problems as well as promote a general understanding of mathematical applications.

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences is an international research institute centering upon selected themes in mathematical sciences and technology.



American Mathematical Society provides information to further mathematical research and scholarship. This link provides information on the Society’s archives as well as links to publications, career development resources and other Mathematics Information Servers.

American Statistical Association is a scientific and educational society founded in 1839 to foster excellence in the use and application of statistics to the biological, physical, social and economic sciences.

Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) was established in 1971 in order to encourage women to study and have active careers in the mathematical sciences.

Association of Teachers of Mathematics aims to relate mathematical education more closely to the knowledge and needs of the learner.

International Mathematical Union is an international non-governmental and non-profit making scientific organization, with the purpose of promoting international cooperation in mathematics.

Royal Statistical Society provides a forum for those students and professionals who are interested in statistics.