Student Finance – An Online Guide to Scholarships, Grants and Financial Aid

Sending your child to college can be a very overwhelming time. With the high cost of tuition, books and living expenses, college can take a financial toll on any family. Personally, it is the first time your child will be moving away from home, causing emotional distress on you and them. Although college can be exciting, it can still be a very bittersweet for both you and your child. In an effort to lower stress levels of both you and your child, this page will detail college financial aid options. Included below each category are links to further information and specific opportunities.


A scholarship is a payment or grant awarded to a student who has excelled in an academic, athletic or public service field of study. Students interested in scholarships should maintain their grades, participate in extra-curricular activities and volunteer their time or services to local non-profits. A few common scholarships include The Bertha Wolf-Rosenthal Foundation Fund for Community Services which offers students between 18 and 25 that have been working in a non-profit within California $5,000. The Newhouse Scholarship program offers $5,000 per year for two years to Hispanic students that are majoring in journalism. Society of Women Engineers Program opens scholarships to women majoring in engineering with a GPA between 3.5 and 4.0, $5,000 that can be renewed.

  • Scholarships – Federal Student Aid offers free tips and information regarding scholarships.
  • USDA Internships and Scholarships – Here students can learn about scholarship programs and various support available.
  • Scholarship Program – The US Department of Health and Human Services offers a scholarship program for students pursuing primary care careers.
  • Available Scholarships – On and off campus scholarships are featured by Cal State LA.
  • Financial Aid – Both Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships are included here by UC Irvine.
  • Scholarship Types – University of Houston offers a wide variety of available scholarships.


Loans are borrowed money, generally from a financial institution. All money in a loan must be paid back and usually with interest. If your student wants to get a school loan, they can apply through your or their mature bank account for the lowest percentage interest. Loans through private institutions that are specific to student loans can generally work with almost anyone, so they may qualify.

  • Student Loans – This site is your source for information from the US Department of Education about student loan management.
  • Education – Government Loans offers educational loans for qualified students.
  • Direct Loans – The US Department of Education offers direct loans to students.
  • Avoiding Deceptive Offers – The Federal Trade Commission offers information on Student Loans to prevent fraudulent activities.
  • Loan Programs – Ohio State University offers information on available loans for students.
  • Private Education – The Private Education Loan Application Self-Certification is located here.
  • Loan Forgiveness – Federal government cancellation of education loans are explained here.
  • Education Loans – Parent, student and private education loans are detailed on this site.

Federal or State Aid

Students can apply for both federal grants and state sponsored financial aid. Federal aid can be awarded through scholarships, grants or loans. States also offer financial aid to resident students. Both federal and state levels generally offer a workforce credit where students can work on campus to help pay for their education. Remember that both federal and state level assistance have their own application process and aid program.

  • FAFSA – Here is the free application for Federal Student Aid.
  • Apply For Federal Financial Aid – Southern Utah University offers information including link resources for Federal Aid.
  • Federal Financial Aid Programs – BYU Hawaii details the new changes to Federal Financial Aid in the upcoming school year.
  • State Aid – Chapman University explains California Cal Grants here.
  • State Aid Information – University of Louisville offers information regarding Kentucky state financial assistance.

Other types of Financial Aid

There are other forms of financial aid available for students who qualify. Military aid is an option for students interested in enlisting. Veterans and those serving usually receive substantial aid through their position. Military spouses can also qualify for scholarships that are created for their educational success. Schools also offer aid to students that are active in their community and succeeding academically. Special consideration goes to students at the top of their class with extra-curricular activities. Some companies also offer financial aid to employees that are taking courses in school. Not only is it an added benefit for the employee, the business may require the use of their education professionally.

  • Financial Aid – United States Department of Veterans Affairs offers a links section with Financial Aid information for military students.
  • Grants for MilitaryImagine America Military Award Program is explained in detail for military service people.
  • Our Programs – National Military Family Association offers scholarships to military spouses.
  • Scholarships – Scholarships offered by the Fisher House Foundation include children, legacy and spouse options in addition to the military service person.